Friday, 18 January, 2019

Net neutrality officially ends today

Net neutrality ends this Monday June 11th motion to keep it alive could die in the House It's 4th and 40 for net neutrality supporters in Congress as House is short of the votes needed to bring up the CRA motion
Freda Brock | 11 June, 2018, 23:10

The controversial repeal of Obama-era net neutrality protections is officially set to take effect on Monday, despite ongoing efforts from members of Congress, state officials, tech companies and advocacy groups to save the rules. The new legislation replaces "net neutrality" rules introduced by the Obama administration that aimed to ensure that internet service providers treat all online content, apps and traffic equally. Ahead of the December 14 commission vote that ended those Obama-era net neutrality regulations, current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called those same rules a " heavy-handed, utility-style.mistake" and pledged to stop the federal government from "micromanaging" the internet by introducing a new set of "internet freedom" regulations.

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel - who voted against the repeal of Net Neutrality - released her own statement today. "For example, we empower the Federal Trade Commission to police internet service providers for anticompetitive acts and unfair or deceptive practices", Pai wrote.

Broadband companies have said that they will still continue to uphold the Net Neutrality principles but some Net Neutrality supporters say that it's not enough to just trust all the companies.

World Leaders React to Trump’s Bizarre Attacks On Canada
We protect Europe (which is good) at great financial loss, and then get unfairly clobbered on Trade. Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal.

The net neutrality rules were approved in 2015.

The way the internet is regulated in the USA is about to change.

Pai has said he agrees with the concept of a "free and open" internet, but disagrees that regulating the service like phone networks is the best way to achieve that goal. Under the new guidelines, ISPs can block, throttle, or prioritize internet content as much as they like, as long as they clearly disclose to customers that that's what they're doing. It will head to the State Assembly, where hearings will begin in June and must be voted on by the end of August. Those on the political left (and about 83 percent of Americans) feel that net neutrality regulations were important for personal freedom and made for a more fair marketplace. "That idea sits at the foundation of internet services, reflects how consumers enjoy the internet today, and despite claims to the contrary, has never truly been in jeopardy". "And in the medium- to long-term, I think we're going to see more investment in high-speed networks, particularly in rural areas that are hard to serve". According to Wired, Comcast, the nation's largest broadband provider, is momentarily forbidden from violating net neutrality rules under the terms of the government's approval of its 2011 acquisition of NBC Universal.


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Trump adviser says there’s a ‘special place in hell’ for Canadian leader Trump adviser says there’s a ‘special place in hell’ for Canadian leader According to a Canada release, they make nearly 100 Billion Dollars in Trade with USA (guess they were bragging and got caught!). The former are targeted with a 25-percent tariff, while a 2.5 percent tariff applies on other vehicles.

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World's most powerful supercomputer Archives World's most powerful supercomputer Archives By comparison, China's Sunway TaihuLight - officially the world's fastest supercomputer - has a benchmark rating of 93 petaflops. The supercomputer was unveiled Friday at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. "We reached a pinnacle today".